This file contains one newsletter for January 2002


Saturday 07 January 2002

Happy New Year !!

    We had a GREAT Christmas. All the girls and their husbands/significant others were here; and the two GRANDDAUGHTERS too! Alana and Tracey are still here (return to Hawaii on the 8th) and Jessie and Alana have been having a ball playing with each other. Nice.

    Susan and Tracey are enjoying a mini-vacation at the condo in Bradenton, Florida right now. Apparently the cold wave that hit us a few days ago is also being felt in Bradenton, although it did get up to 70 degrees today. They tell us that they've been having a good time, and they love the place, so hopefully they can get a chance to visit in the summer sometime.

    It is snowing (yippee!) and Alana just ran out to the deck to make a snow angel, snowball and just have fun. For a kid from Hawaii it's a real treat !

    I've enjoyed all the extra days off we've had this holiday season. Sure wish that we could get lots more! I still have lots of projects that I am trying to complete. Just not enough hours in the day. I am now starting to start putting some of those JavaScript special effects on this web site (the snow falling on the main page is one of them) and hope to add a few more in the next week.

    Dale takes off for Bradenton on the 16th and I go down on the 20th. I really SHOULD stay home and try to catch up on "stuff" but I'm going to lie on the beach instead ;-)

Best regards,
Barry & Dale