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July 2010

 Thursday - 01 July
Heading To Myrtle Beach Soon.
Always Liked These Pretty Views From Our Condo Balcony
Looking Right Along Building Two
Looking Left Along Building Three

 Tuesday - 06 July
We'Re Back In Myrtle Beach.
I Totally Re-Designed & Re-Worked My Vegetable Garden.
Used Pressure-Treated Lumber To Hold Tiers Of Pots With Potting Soil
(Tomatoes & Squash Withered And Died The Last Three Years)
Young Squash
Healthy !
Squash &
Dahlia Plants
In Pots On
Ground. I Am
Growing Them
From Seeds!
Celebrity & Roma Tomato Plants!
Growing Them From Seed Also!

Using Empty
Coke Bottles As
Watering Cans
Testing Plants In
The Soil At
Rear Of Property
Also Built These Walls In The Last Week

 Sunday - 18 July
The First
Squash Lives!
(After Three
Years Of Trying)
Ready To Mow Joe & Sharon's Lot
Already Cut
The Grass
Friend's House
For Sale
(Typical Design
In The Neighborhood)

Done! Boy Am I GOOD !!