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Chuck Bunnell
Sep 6, 2013
Hello dad-in-law. Just fixed the function error and this message box.

Sep 5, 2013
I miss the updates..

Tom Giles
Apr 27, 2013

Saw an entry about the passing of Nicholas Bradley-Carter in 2009. I was friends with Nick and January in the early 70's. I was in USAF at Upper Heyford. I too purchased several of his paintings. I remember his two children, the daughter's name was Tarn. Would like to get info as to whereabouts of January. How did you meet Nick and January? Were you in AF?


Mar 29, 2013
Just checking in!

Rene - you know the one
Jul 28, 2012
WOW where is all the new NEWS? I got the moves like Jager and want to see the latest pics. He's soooo cute:)

Peggy Funderburk
Apr 7, 2012
Hi Barry, I thought I would see the photos you mentioned in your email.  What have you been doing since 12/14/11 or am I not clicking on the correct update?  Anyway, this is a very elaborate website!

David & Cathy Meda
Dec 24, 2011

Happy Holidays! Its was so good to see you both at the winery in November.  Perhaps we can all get together after the holidays.  Merry Christmas.

bestest daughter, Tracey
Dec 13, 2011

I love the pictures! Jagger looks so cute :)!!!!!


Jim Riggins
Nov 3, 2011

Just checking up on Crotty Adventures.


Fred Knipper
Nov 3, 2011

Visited your site today to look at your great photos! 

Sep 3, 2011
Silvana estuvo aqui!!! love the pics!

Courtney Crotty
Sep 1, 2011
I visited site today!!!

Tom Lambert
Aug 28, 2011
We looked at your web site!  Good talking to you the other day even though you were delivering bad news.  Our love to Dale.  Tom

Barry Crotty
Aug 25, 2011

Hi Susan!  Yep, that's exactly why I take pictures of our old house when we go to Kathy's for a visit.  In 1993 there was absolutely NOTHING growing on that lot, so it's great (for me) to see how everything that I planted has grown so well over the years. Of course that's the same story down here in South Carolina. I am always planting "something" :-)


Aug 25, 2011
YAY!! Jagger countdown in on the site. I can't believe how big the trees are at the old house.

Barry Crotty
Aug 23, 2011
YES! That's what I'm Talking about! Chuck "signed in" to tell me that he was looking at the site! That's all I want! Years of work to keep the site updated to let our daughters, friends and family know what we're up to -- and never knew if it was worth the trouble because no one ever said they were looking at the site!

Chuck Bunnell
Aug 23, 2011
I visited your site today. Just wanted to let you know!

Barbara Amirault Waysome
Jul 9, 2011
Hi guys, just thought I'd check in and say hello and see what's up with you. Things are finally back to normal around here but I still have a hand full to do. Take care.

Phillip A. Petrazio
Dec 15, 2010

Barry and Dale,

Not too many Barry and Dale Crotty's, so I'm guessing your now retired fromt he "other Agency" now?  I was trying to find Kathy and Karen on Facebook - I posted some pics and video from San Vito - FLIR9 and such. 

I am married, and we just moved into a new home today on the SW Fort Worth side of town here in the Metroplex.  One girl Avery Nicole (20 months) and another girl due Feb 15th.  My wife and I will celebrate 5 years this March.

Mom and Dad are still in Trophy Club, and Joel and his family are in Celina, TX.  Everyone is doing well.

Would love to say hi to the Girls, please forward my email.

Have a wonderful holiday! - IN SHORTS no less...

Phil Petrazio

Dec 5, 2010
for some reason this wad in my spam folder.  it was so great to hear from you.  i've missed you.  loveingly, joan55hrn8

Kathryn Hill
Dec 3, 2010

Aloha, both of you.  I enjoy reading your newsletters.  Well I was in Lake Como, Italy and it was wonderful.  This year I sang for the President and again a month later.  I'm still on the Board of Trustee for Wiley College.  Been busy with them and work.  I am looking to work as a consultant so if you know anyone looking for a excellent person, I'm them. (smile)    I plan to go home to Hawaii in the Spring next year (2011).  Well take care and have a Nice Holiday.


Terri and Jim Riggins
Sep 2, 2010
Great Pictures Barry! We went to Cabo SanLucas for a week (about 3 years ago) and swam with the dolphins. It was on Terri's bucket list. If you have time, stop by and see us. We'll get Tom and JoAnn to meet us here for dinner. We are right over the Bay Bridge and they are about 1/2 hour further. We will be in Hilton Head with family from 10-18 September, but will be home after that for a while.

Aug 25, 2010

Hi Barry  and Dale awesome picturesof your trip ! All well here Mom doing fine ! PS I have skype on computer maybe we can hook up !


Jim & Anita
Aug 2, 2010
Hey, you guys, just let you know we finally visited you!!! Beat Wishes!!

Jun 29, 2010

Hi Barry and Dale,

 Great pictures!! I'm sure you had a great time on your cruise. Yeah, I know what Hell (Grand Cayman) looks like to because I've been there. Take care!!

Tom Peterson
Jun 18, 2010

Hi Barry'


Got your card from Mexico a couple of days ago thanks!!!



May 10, 2010

Auntie & Unk

Love to check up on you once in a while, so I can sneak a peek of pictures.  You look great, havin a blast and Hawaii is lookin good too. I gotta get there again.

Love Ya!

Claude and Deanna
Mar 23, 2010
hey I 'm creepin' again. just love to see where you've been and what you're up too. HUGs from the Bourques

Steve and Barbara
Mar 18, 2010

Hi Dale and Barry,

Great pictures and really good to hear what you're up to. Your  snailmail postcard arrived this morning.



Warren Voss
Mar 16, 2010

Hi Barry, Dale and the whole gang.  Were doing pretty good here in California too.  86 degrees yesterday!  Not bad.  Hey, when are we going to meet again in Las Vegas???  Best Regards Always,  Cousin Warren

Alice - FCIL
Mar 16, 2010
You look great Dale! Barry, in the future, you are not allowed to put pictures of me on your website without my approval!

Karen & Chuck Crotty Bunnell
Feb 15, 2010
Hey Dad! Finally getting around to signing this Awesome Guest Book Chuck designed for you! Love all the photos - thanks for uploading them so we can see all the fun you and mom have been having! Maybe one day i'll get around to updating our photo gallery!  see you later.  karen

Lew & Terry Casey
Feb 11, 2010

Hi Barry & Dale,

Great website --- glad to see retirement is working so well for you --- us too!   We are scheduled for a Panama Canal cruise  (San Juan to San Diego) to celebrate our 33rd anniversary in April.  Cancun is on schedule for 20-27 August.

Great pictures!   Enjoy!


Lucille Bourque-Lampier
Feb 7, 2010
Hi Dale and Barry. Great pictures especially of your trip to Nova Scotia last September. Keith and I are fine. Keith has a new job (still in the window and door business) and is enjoying it. I am loving my retirement. Other than my chocolate business, I am taking things slow and am doing what I want when I want. We have no specific plans to travel this year but things may change as we approach summer. Hope you are both well! Take care! Keith and Lucille

Jo Ann Lambert
Feb 7, 2010

Hi Barry & Dale, Loved your photos. Enjoy Hawaii!  We were to be there Jan 13 to March 15 but canceled  on Jan 10.  Jo Ann's dad--age 92-- is failing and has fallen several times this month.  Felt it was not a good idea to be away for 8 weeks.  Cannot beleive the one winter we stay in Maryland we have the blizzard of the centuray!

Terri and jim Riggins are in  Hawaii for 3 weeks.  And Bob and Diann are there for the winter.  And of course Pat and Grace are there as well.  Grace is 93 and going strongAll is fine with us.

  Judy and Emily are doing well. Emily is a Junior this year.  Tommy and Joan and the 3 children are PCSed to Harrogate, UK.  Miss them a lot.  But they are really touring around--Scotland, Rome, Casa Del Sol, Germany, and Croatia so far.  We will visit them June 17 to July 7.  Enjoy all your adventures.  Give us a heads up when you are in MD and maybe we can meet you half way for lunch.  Or as you know you are always welcome to visit us in Easton.  No notice required.  Easton and St. Michaels are fun places to visit.  Say hello to Tracy and all your gang.  Aloha, jo Ann

George Manoogian
Jan 30, 2010

Hi Barry and Dale!

I found your web site!  You seem to get around the world so much.  Have you seen the U.S.A. yet?

I'll be in Florida APril 21-28...can we meet?

Tom Peterson
Jan 15, 2010

Hi Barry,

Looked at the photos and fell in love, then I read the caption and saw that it was chuck!!!!  Boy that will take the wind out of your sail!!!!



mike crotty
Jan 13, 2010
Retired Life! You have it made! 

Jan 10, 2010

Every once and awhile I check this site to se what u b upto. Take care, Paul

Janie Casey
Nov 23, 2009
Hi Just read your updated news letter  very entertaining  have a great day  Janie

Barry Crotty
Nov 22, 2009
Chuck ! Not bad for a self-taught programmer :-)

Chuck Bunnell
Sep 30, 2009
This guestbook appears to be working. Another fine job by... me! LOL


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